We’ve had a few companies working for us but ever since we started working with Toni and his team we’ve discovered how smooth collaboration can be. Slicejack works fast and neat and provides a very user friendly results. I’m very pleased to have been able to work with Slicejack!

Robert Bakker

We used Slicejack for the front-end programming of our new website. I am very impressed, not only by Tonis programming skills, but also by his clear communication and great service attitude. Best recommendations!

Carl Troedsson

By some odd coincidence I got a simple e-mail from Slicejack about their services on the very same day that I was looking for somebody to slice a design into html and develop it into a WordPress theme. I decided to give Toni a chance and it turned out to be the best decision. There is only one word I can use to describe the result: “perfect”! The work is absolutely 100% pixel-perfect. I have dealt with tens of programmers in the past and it’s very hard to find somebody who is willing to put so much effort into the work and go out of his way to make the website look exactly like the design. The work is excellent, service is fast and reliable, Toni is awesome and I’m definitely going to use Slicejack’s services again in the future. I have stumbled upon a perfect business relationship by a mere coincidence and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Peedu Tuisk

Slicejack took my company’s existing basic html website and gave it a new look and new functionality. The full redesign not only made the website look brighter and more attractive, but it also breathed life into it. The new site works across all operating systems and browsers and has fantastic features like live feeds from social media platforms and the company blog. Slicejack was easy to work with, even though I am in New York City, six time zones away from Slicejack’s office in Europe. I am highly impressed with Slicejack’s fast turnaround time, great communication, creative design, attention to detail and expert coding abilities.

Lidia Fluhme

Our agency has integrated Slicejack to our workflow, from that moment onwards we’ve increased delivery times and productivity.

Prashant Sugand

Our agency has worked with Slicejack on several web pages and we are more than satisfied with their service. We’ve used different Slicejack services and techically everything was always on the level, and what’s even more important- communication went smoothly without any obstacles. Slicejack service is very friendly orientated.

Ivan Burazin

Working with Slicejack was a pleasure, they deliver awesome work and support their clients like nothin’ else!

Michael Nix

Slicejack helped replace our outdated and static website with a WordPress coded website. They took our designs and delivered a cleanly coded customized WordPress theme we could use for our CMS. The new site has been well received by external as well as internal audiences. The Slicejack team have been a pleasure to work with, always helpful, friendly and proactive in their customer service. Our experience of working with Slicejack has been positive and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a frontend coding solution.

Eric Fitzgerald

I got what I asked for- a high quality code combined with fast delivery and reasonable price. Slicejack team is very friendly and reliable. There’s no second thoughts about who’ll be doing this part of the work in the future.

Mario Francesevic

Slicejack worked with our design team and in two weeks turned around a responsive design site with the look and feel exactly as specified. Slicejack were very responsive to some last minute changes we wanted put through and overall we were very happy with their work.

Will Prendergast

Slicejack has done extremely good job and has proven to be fast and effective team.

Karlo Domic

We have been working with Toni and his team for more than a year now after a thorough selection of slicing companies. Slicejack has amazed us. The quality of their work is very good and they keep their promises. Just as important, they’re very nice and easy-going people to work with who will go an extra mile for you. After 5 successful projects, we will definitely continue with our fruitful partnership.

Michiel Willekens