Focus on design, forget code

Slicejack is a top choice for the slicing needs of designers and design agencies.

Reliable and professional service

Slicejack takes care of every client by seamlessly integrating into their project team and simplifying the work process.

A simple three-step process

Just send us your source files by contacting us. We slice your website, test it on major browsers and the final output is delivered to you.

3 step process video

To list only few of many benefits of working with Slicejack:

  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Hand Written Code
  • Pixel Perfect Design Conversion
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Discount on Bulk Orders
  • Money Back Guarantee

Still not convinced? We have reasons to convince you!

Check Out Why!

Highly reliable and trusted

Quality, not quantity

We don't care just about getting the job done, we focus on getting it done the right way. Our primary concern is delivering our clients a high quality and pixel perfect code conversion of their design.

Save time, cut costs

Our turnaround range depends on the timeframe that suits your needs. It can vary from express turnaround (1-5 days) and up to as many days as you choose. You will always be provided with the best service possible!


All of our X(HTML)/CSS code is handwritten. This means we never use Dreamweaver or similar automated tools to produce validated code. It gives us total control over our highly optimized code.

Out of town office

Don't let your work and your needs depend on your location. Slicejack gives you the flexibility of having an office anywhere you want. Outsource your work to Slicejack and we will provide you with internet-ready code to free up your time for other work.

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