WordPress development

Slicejack has ascertained the strength of WordPress CMS plenty of times.
In the beggining there was a blogging platform, but nowadays it does wonders!

WordPress is our favorite platform for developing websites and we created a streamlined development service for it. We develop a fast, scalable and secure solution for your company website, blog and e-commerce site. It is bundled with our high quality HTML services that get you from design to website in a blink of an eye.

Powerful & flexible

It seems WordPress can do it all these days, not just blogs but large corporate sites, money making e-commerce sites and even social networks… and we make it happen. We carefully structure WordPress functionally around your needs, and you get that same WordPress feeling of simplicity whenever you maintain your site.


We do multi-stage deployments for WordPress sites, which means we don’t ever fiddle around your live site, and risk breaking it in front your visitors – even for a second. We test everything out, and all your code is versioned and backed up as a bonus. For us, every site is important enough to be handled with highest professional care.

Fast & secure

Fear not, our themes are coded to high security standards of the WordPress development community. We also do tons of tweaks on every development that ensures your WordPress site is zippy. Not just any code is good enough for your site.

The full package

From the moment you send in your PSD files, we will work with you to find the right solutions for your needs. You get our premium HTML service as part of our WordPress deal, with responsive, tested, cross-browser and cross-device code. Finally we will deliver a professional, SEO optimized, easy to use WordPress site you had imagined.

Client appreciations



Slicejack helped replace our outdated and static website with a WordPress coded website. They took our designs and delivered a cleanly coded customized WordPress theme we could use for our CMS. The new site has been well received by external as well as internal audiences. The Slicejack team have been a pleasure to work with, always helpful, friendly and proactive in their customer service. Our experience of working with Slicejack has been positive and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a frontend coding solution.

Eric Fitzgerald

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