3 reasons an open source platform is the right move

During project planning/development when reach the platform selection step, you’ll need to make an important decision. What the foundations for your project will look like. There are 2 options you can take. A custom way or ačternatively an open source way. In this post I’ll explain why you should consider an open source platform regardless of being a developer or a client.

There’s always that one platform that matches your needs.

Going open source means that you’re willing to adapt to the environment which is provided by the platform or software of your choice. Since there are plenty of open source platforms that could help you solve your problem, there’s a big chance that you’ll find something that fits your needs pretty quick.

Stability, security and maintenance.

Th main and significant difference between custom and open source platform is that once you choose an open source you can be sure that there are (plenty of) people behind the platform maintaining it and using it on a daily basis. What that also means is that you can be almost 100% sure that you’ll be able to find many different people, teams or agencies that will be able to develop your new project on that exact platform. Equally they can continue the project development at any point of time.

When you choose custom solution as a client, you’ll need to rely on the company that made the platform. You’ll also need to contact that same company for every single change that can’t be managed via the provided CMS.  It’s up to you to negotiate as much as customization options as you think you’ll need in the future.

On the other hand, if you choose a custom solution as a developer you must keep in mind that you’ll have to spend numerous hours developing and maintaining the platform itself. This can be quite a painful thing to do if you need to maintain and develop a few projects at the same time.

Focus on the details. Focus on the service.

Once you go open source you’lL have rock solid foundations. That means that you’ll have much more time to focus on the small details. Those small details are the things that separate you from the others. When you as a developer choose to develop on an open source platform you need to pay attention to those details and the whole service that you will provide to the client. That’s the only thing that’ll keep the client coming back to you. Having that type of relationship with your client can’t result in nothing but satisfaction for both sides.

Why WordPress?

Here at Slicejack we use WordPress as a foundation to develop the most amazing and customized experiences for our clients and their visitors. But why WordPress? Well, WordPress is a rock solid platform with a large community that provides a great amount of APIs. We can use these APIs in order to customize the WordPress experience as much as needed. WordPress has provided us that stability and the possibility to focus on the project details and not on the platform itself.

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