Changing display order with CSS direction property

Few days ago, I stumbled upon an article in my RSS feed that talked about changing the element display order by using different CSS methods. It’s a great article, and you should definitely check it out.

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Animating fullpage.js content

In this article, we will, once again, be taking a look at the fullpage.js slider plugin. This time, instead of implementing the fade effect to the section/slide transitions, I will show you how to animate the section/slide content.

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Tips for using background videos on the web

Background videos are pretty popular on the web today (and have been for a few years). Here at Slicejack we can witness that popularity on a daily basis, since our “Creating a Fullscreen HTML5 Video Background With CSS” post is the most read blog post on a daily basis.
Video isn’t going away anytime soon, in fact, its popularity will only increase in the years to come as internet connections get faster and video codecs get better.

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Fullpage.js fade effect

If you haven’t already heard of fullpage.js, it’s a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create stunning fullscreen scrolling websites. Check out some of them here.

I used it in one of our recent projects, here at Slicejack, and was faced with a challenge when the client requested “fade” instead of the “slide” effect.

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How to Create a Fully Custom WordPress Mega Menu – No Plugins Attached

The mega menu concept has been with us for a while now. With each passing day more and more sites are trying to utilize this function in various ways in order to serve us as much information as possible through, what appears to be, a simple “dropdown” menu. When using WordPress, both clients and developers often end up using some sort of plugin to implement this function. Guess what? We’ll show you how you can implement a custom WordPress mega menu with just a few lines of code and zero plugins.

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Changing the browser tab title – reminder

In this article I’ll show you how to grab your user’s attention by changing the title text in the browser tab.
Since typical titles are a dime-a-dozen, this useful little trick will make your tab stand out from the crowd.

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Discover Atmosphere With Us

If you’re someone who simply thought learning something completely new about atmosphere was as interesting as watching paint dry – think again!

For the purpose of this blog post we’ve happily created something that will go down a treat. And of course is fully responsive.

We’ve put together an educational presentation about atmosphere and its various sections which includes short descriptions and a bunch of interesting tips. Here you can jump aboard and take a ride with our rocket in full screen.

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Bootstrap with Less workflow – revisited

Believe it or not, it’s been more than a year since I wrote the first Bootstrap with Less workflow article.
That workflow served us great on a lot of the projects over the past year, but as all things, over time – things have evolved.

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The Quick Guide to CSS Specificity

CSS is pretty easy to get into, mainly due to the simple nature of its syntax. It’s clear and easy to understand. It’s so simple, that anyone could style a basic website within a first few hours of learning it. But first impressions can be missleading. Writing CSS without the firm grasp of it’s specificity concept can lead to a messy and hard to maintain style sheet.

Create a Simple fullscreen navigation menu

Lately we can find a lot of full-screen navigation menus on new, modern websites. They became very popular because of their simplicity. In this blog post we’ll describe to you how to create one with a smooth transition effect between showing and hiding it.