Slicejack at All Day Hey — Leeds 2018.

Between 29th of April and 1st of May we’ve visited an awesome city of Leeds and All Day Hey conference.

What? Where? Why?

All Day Hey is a single-track, single-day front-end conference held in heart of the United Kingdom, Leeds.

It has been organised by well known front-end architect Harry Roberts (@csswizardry), that was a very good reason to buy a plane tickets to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, looking at list of speakers it was obvious that we have to attend this one.

London and Leeds

On a first day, we came to London by a plane and then took the train to Leeds. While waiting for the train we spent a few fun hours in London, take a look at our gallery :). In Leeds we had only one sunny afternoon to explore the city, try local food and local beers.

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We’ve visited quiet few conferences in last five years and from a front-end point of view this one was a success and we recommend it! I want to highlight few things that make it stand out:

  1. Speakers: They were selected very carefully along with topics. Furthermore, topics were scheduled in a meaningful order, every talk was a perfect extension of a previous one.
  2. Quality over quantity: Organisers did everything to make us feel comfortable. Venue (unique boutique cinema) was very comfortable and we felt like home (thanks for popcorns!). Everything was on schedule and everyone had their own seat. This are the reasons we love small size conferences!
  3. Networking: There was no Q/A sessions after the talks but we were able to talk to speakers during coffee and lunch breaks, they were open for discussion as always.
  4. Affordable: In the end, tickets are fairly cheap and Leeds is very well connected with London and rest of the world.

Talks and speakers

Speakers did a great job and they come up to expectations. Usually you don’t like every talk on conferences you attend but not in this case, we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Here’s a quick overview of talks:


We had a great time, learned a lot, met new people, tried new food and seen new places. Thanks All Day Hey crew, we’re looking forward coming next year!

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