Implementing the GeoIP Functionality Into a WordPress Theme

In this blog post you will see how you how you can easily implement the GeoIP feature into your WordPress site and how you can benefit from it by integrating it into things like page templates, widgets etc. To achieve just that we will first need to install the MaxMind GeoIP2 PHP library into our WordPress site and then we will need to create few custom functions that will make this feature usable within the WordPress theme on which we will work on in this tutorial. So let’s get started.

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Karta, free responsive WordPress travel theme

We are glad to present you with a new and free WordPress theme. Karta is a beautifully designed WordPress theme for those who want to share their travel experiences in modern and creative way.  Share lessons travelling taught you and inspire others showcasing your favourite journeys, photos, tips and tricks. You can check out demo version at and you can find it at

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Fiera, free responsive WordPress theme for events

🎉 ta-da(/təˈdɑː/). We are glad to present our third free responsive WordPress theme. Fiera is a free WordPress theme created exclusively for events (conferences, music and film festivals, parties, congresses etc.). Something we’re sure you can put to good use! Just like for our past themes we have a demo at and GitHub repository at

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How to Create a Fully Custom WordPress Mega Menu – No Plugins Attached

The mega menu concept has been with us for a while now. With each passing day more and more sites are trying to utilize this function in various ways in order to serve us as much information as possible through, what appears to be, a simple “dropdown” menu. When using WordPress, both clients and developers often end up using some sort of plugin to implement this function. Guess what? We’ll show you how you can implement a custom WordPress mega menu with just a few lines of code and zero plugins.

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Creating Custom WooCommerce Themes

WooCommerce is the world’s favourite eCommerce solution giving you complete control to sell anything on a WordPress platform. We’re going to teach you how to create custom WooCommerce Themes and how to edit the existing ones.

If you happened to miss out on our blog post about WooCommerce and it’s core features now’s the time to read it.

Let’s create WooCommerce Themes!

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Pine, a free minimalist WordPress portfolio theme

We’re so glad to announce our second free WordPress theme. Yes – another juicy freebie! Pine is a free minimalist WordPress portfolio theme created for people who want to show their work in a simple and creative way. Here you can check out the Pine demo version and you can also find it on Github If you haven’t already seen our first free WordPress theme Briar, you can find out more about it here

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Maintainable WordPress Development 2/3: Version Control & Things To Watch Out For

In our previous WordPress development blog post we mainly talked about tools that you can use when developing a WordPress theme, plugin or any other web related project. We’ve also mentioned how you can use those same tools to automate parts of the development process. Now, in this blog post you’ll discover what to watch out for when implementing version control into your project. Equally, what to spot with version controlling the project itself and cooperating with your team members. Let’s get down to our second  maintainable WordPress development post.

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12 Best WordPress Digital Agency Themes

When it comes to digital agency themes for WordPress you might run into small problems. The thing is that there’s no specific niche for “Digital Agency themes” on theme markets such as Envato or Creative Market. You can find a few themes but they are usually a part of multipurpose themes or they are hidden behind names such as “Creative Agency themes”.

In this post I’ll show you a few “hidden” themes that can be used for this specific niche.

Maintainable WordPress Development 1/3: Introduction, Structure, Tools & Automation

This is the very first of total 3 blog posts from the “Maintainable WordPress Development” series that we will publish over the next two weeks. Through this and next two blog posts that will follow we will show you how to build a WordPress project that is easy to build, maintain and extend while having multiple team members on board. We will show you the do’s and don’ts of WordPress development which will, hopefully, help you avoid unnecessary setback in the development process. Now let’s get down to it.

Building Custom WordPress Forms – The Easy Way

Dealing with HTML forms can prove to be a challaging task. This is especially true when it comes to data binding, validation and error handling. That’s why we’ve open sourced Formjack –  a library that helps you build, render and validate custom WordPress forms with just a few lines of code. In this short (but sweet) tutorial we’ll see how we can use the Formjack library to build a fairly simple contact form within a WordPress theme. Let’s go.

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