Pine, a free minimalist WordPress portfolio theme

We’re so glad to announce our second free WordPress theme. Yes – another juicy freebie! Pine is a free minimalist WordPress portfolio theme created for people who want to show their work in a simple and creative way. Here you can check out the Pine demo version and you can also find it on Github If you haven’t already seen our first free WordPress theme Briar, you can find out more about it here

Pine, a free minimalist WordPress portfolio theme

Theme features

  • Clean & modern design
  • Responsive layout (mobile, tablet & desktop friendly)
  • Bootstrap framework
  • Full support for post formats
  • Live customization with WordPress Customizer
  • Support for Jetpack portfolio post type
  • Clean & documented code


This WordPress portfolio theme Pine was created as a way for freelancers, designers and small agencies to showcase their work and skills through an elegant and functional blog.

Bootstrap framework

To keep theme functionality from drastically changing with the screen size, we’ve used our experience in the RWD (Responsive Web Design) area. In order to implement RWD, we’ve used the Bootstrap framework.


Offcanvas navigation is hidden outside of viewport and when activated it opens with a slide in effect. And just like with our fist WordPress theme you can add multilevel navigation.


Post formats

Post formats make it possible for you to change the appearance of the each article on your blog. Pine currently supports: Aside, Image, Video, Quote, Link and Standard post formats.


Dark/light single post header

Single post header in Pine theme changes depending on the brightness of the image used as a featured image. If your image is bright, then a dark overlay appears over it with a light text and the other way round. Let’s hope that this feature will make it easier for you to choose images.


Jetpack portfolio post type

In order to use this feature within Jetpack you must enable Custom Content Types modules and then enable Portfolio post type. You can find the instructions here:



The customizer lets you change theme options with the current preview of your changes. If you like the changes, you can save and publish them – if you don’t, then just discard them and forget they were ever been made. The Pine WordPress portfolio theme offers default sections such as Background, Menus, Widgets and Front Page but also additional sections such as Header, Footer, Colors and Layouts.


In the Header section you can change the Site Title/Logo and Tagline.



In this section we’ve enabled adding, changing and erasing social icons.



Inside the Colour section you can find 6 colours that represent colour schemes and by choosing one of them, you can change the colour shades of your theme.



Just like the name of the section says, you can change the layout for each type of page. You can choose between One column, Left sidebar + Main column and Main column + Right sidebar.



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  • Young Docente

    I’ve installed it and am having a few problems, there’s no subheader and jetpack portfolio looks really bad and is nothing like the one in demo, can’t get it to work, what am I doing wrong?

    • Hi @youngdocente:disqus , we are glad that you are using Pine theme. To get front page to looks like a demo you need to set “Projects list” page template (like on a attached image). If you after this change still have problems please contact me on email(

  • Andrew

    Hey guys, and @anteprimorac:disqus!

    Really like the theme, but how do youget the posts all nicely arranged like that? Whatever format I put my posts as, they’re still positioned one on top of the other 🙁


    • Andrew

      oh! Is that what the jetpack portfolio thing is?!

      • Hi @disqus_L0mZRUTQ3g:disqus, great that you’re using Pine theme. You’re right, that is the “Projects list” page template which is displaying Jetpack portfolio post type.

        • Andrew

          Hi Ante. Cheers for the reply. I’m getting there, but not getting very far.. Made a page with the Projects List page template, and setting site to display it (‘My work (page)’) instead of the posts (see screenshot), but that doesn’t seem to be working. Neither does the page display for a top page.

          Cheers man!

          • Hi @disqus_L0mZRUTQ3g:disqus , can you give me access to that WordPress site or contact me on a email(

          • Andrew

            Just emailed you man. Got it working, I think! I’ll sling you some pay pal money for your work, but I’d also recommend a bit of support documentation. From a users’ point of view, it isn’t a walk in the park if you don’t know what you’re doing.. 🙂 xx

          • Akemi Toma

            Hi @anteprimorac:disqus, I’ve got the same problems as Andrew. I can’t get to make my frontpage as neat as your demo. I’ve managed to create portolio posts using Jetpack, but that’s it. Where can I get a hold of a 101 tour on how to make it work?

          • Hi @akemitoma:disqus,
            thank you for using our theme. Did you try to add new page with “Projects list” page template and set it as Front page at WP Admin > Settings > Reading?

          • Akemi Toma

            Couldn’t thank you enough! All systems are up and running, thank you so much for the awesome theme.

        • Andrew

          Can’t seem to get it to do anything other than display ‘Your latest post’ on the front page, rather than a page that has portfolio post type. Keeps reverting to latest post.. Any ideas?

        • Andrew

          So, connecting Jetpack to the customiser. And when it’s *almost* working, I can’t get it to properly display the portfolio pages. Really like the theme, Ante, but I’m pretty much given up now 🙁

  • coco

    hi, I follow the instructions, that you give ( “Projects list” page template ) and it’s work but my categories doesn’t appear. Yet I created categories that I related to my articles. I don’t understand. Can you help me

    • Hi @disqus_2QHMXXvlyJ:disqus,
      we are glad that you are using Pine theme. In order to use portfolio feature you must install Jetpack plugin and enable Custom Content Types modules and then enable Portfolio post type. You can find detailed instructions here:

  • coco

    Yes, great thanks! And to put the images mosaic on the portfolio article, I don’t find this informations.

  • coco

    Can you help me please!

  • Bobby

    can I remove the logo/name at the bottom of each page?

    • Hi @disqus_yzH7brae1x:disqus,
      currently we don’t have that option, but if you know how to change footer.php file you can create child theme and just change theme to look like you want.

  • ادهم دويكات

    how to add cusom social link (youtube as an example ) in the footer section
    every time i change the word ‘custom’ it get back to again , so how to change it so i can add youtube icon

    • Hi @disqus_Nz1wmIJvwZ:disqus ,
      we fixed it. You can download new version of Pine on github.

  • Nele Teresa

    Hi, first of all great theme 🙂
    My question is, if there is a way to arrange the portfolio-pictures at the frontpage differently. I only want to show 4 projects at all (like to use them as a kind of menu).
    So it would be great if i could set only 2 projects in one row. Now i´ve got 3 and then only one picture, which seems a bit imbalanced.
    Thank you
    greets tess

    • Hi @neleteresa:disqus,
      currently we don’t have that option, but if you know how to change PHP/HTML/CSS you can create child theme and change everything you want.

  • Randall Belk

    Hi, I’m trying to set up a child theme based on Pine. I have created a pine-child directory and put a style.css file in it with the appropriate header info. It seems that CSS changes I make in the child stylesheet are not used in the page. Looking at the code it looks like pine is using a stylesheet out of /css/ . I tried creating a /css directory in my child structure and putting changes in style.css there but that doesn’t seem to have any effect either. Any hints would be appreciated.

    • Hi @randallbelk:disqus ,
      great that you’re using Pine theme. We just created GitHub repository. That is a example how you can create your child theme for Pine. If you find that something is not working, please create an issue.

  • Szymon

    Hi, I loved Pine theme but I can’t setup any social link (behance, facebook) there is nothing to choose, button seens to be broken. Also I can’t get menus work right. Any hints woulb be appreciated.

    • Hi @disqus_arvwrg16Bl:disqus ,
      we are glad to hear that you are loving Pine theme. It would be great if you have online link, so we can inspect your settings.

      • Szymon

        Hi from some reasons screenshot didn’t apply.
        Here is the link

  • Vanilla Kernelbone

    Thank you for a simple and beautiful theme. Just one question: how can I remote author and date from the portfolio entry? I have tried adding these to the Custom CSS to no avail:

    .single-jetpack-portfolio .entry-meta-header {display: none;}

    .single-portfolio .blog-meta{ display:none; }

    • Vanilla Kernelbone

      Also, how can I make the horizontal arrangement (instead of the rows and columns arrangement) a default for the portfolio projects?

      • Hi @vanillakernelbone:disqus,
        great that you’re using Pine theme. You can remove author and date from the portfolio single page with this line of CSS:
        .single-jetpack-portfolio .post-item__info { display: none; }

        Currently we don’t have a option for default portfolio list layout.

        • Vanilla Kernelbone

          Thank you @anteprimorac:disqus.

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  • tom

    First of all thanks for putting the theme free its simple and there’s everything we need here!
    But i just having a problem custumizer, i don’t have the header section 🙁
    can you help me?

    • tom

      and i was wondering how did u make your grid images in each portfolio ?

  • I’ve installed it, and looks amazing. I’ve got great looking header and… that’s it.
    I can’t possibly figure out how to create hierarchy to actually achieve this sorting/masonry gallery look.

    Nothing Found.
    Ready to publish your first post? Get started here.

    I’ve went through documentation on gihub but haven’t found any info there.
    Parenting few pages to the other, creating categories, creating posts didn’t worked.
    Would appreciate any help.

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  • coco

    Hi, i want add a div below the principal article and above the portfolio list in the home page. Can you tell me how take that please. I am blocked.

  • Samantha Snow

    Can’t seem to get this theme to work. Installed jetpack, created a custom post page, activated custom content types and added portfolio shortcodes to custom post page. Can’t get the project page to display like the demo. Any thoughts?

  • akcero

    Unable go get the site logo or tagline to appear. Are those features not supported?

  • Sonia

    Hi is there a way to get rid of the date on each post header? Should i edit my CSS?

    • Hi @disqus_P4YgwbG4Vy:disqus,
      thank you for using our theme. The thing that you want can not be done with just editing CSS. You could create child theme and edit that functionality there. More information about child themes – Also we already prepared starter theme for creating child theme of Pine, here it is –

      • Sonia

        thanks for your response. It sounds like something i can do. I have never done it before. Is there a place people sharing their child themes? thanks!

  • Tien Pham

    hi, i see that the theme automatically resizes the header image of the front page to 1600×500, which makes it blurry on a 1920 screen, how can i change this ?

    • Hi @tienlp:disqus,
      thank you for taking the time to report this issue. We will fix it in next update. There will be instructions to fix this issue on already uploaded images.

  • Renee Fortune

    Hi there. I updated the Pine theme and all of a sudden, all my projects have disappeared from the site preview as well as my menu option. They’re still on the backend. I desperately need to fix this issue for a client. Please help!

    • Hi @reneefortune:disqus,
      new version of Pine is available on and GitHub. Updating to new version will probably resolve your problem.

  • Никита Тихонов

    Hey, guys! I have some trouble with your theme! Where is “portfolio” link on a dashboard?

  • Diep

    Hello, thank you so so much for the beautiful theme. I want to ask you that what css, code should i change to have the portfolio page displays 4 projects in a row?
    Thank you so much again for your work. Hope to get reply from you 😀

    • Hi @disqus_RA190IG1I2:disqus,
      you are very welcome. Glad you appreciate it!

      It would be easier if you create child theme and copy/paste *template-parts/content-portfolio-list.php*. In that file inside of your child theme you can change everything you want. To get 4 projects in row on medium and large screen sizes you can just change ‘col-md-4’ item inside of $post_classes array to ‘col-md-3’. If you are not familiar with bootstrap grid system please read about it here –

      One more thing. To make your job easier we already created Pine child theme for you. You can fork it on GitHub –

      • Diep

        I did it! Thank you so much!!

  • JanSimicek

    Hi, after actualization of WordPress (v4.6) and Pine theme (v1.0.8) my social icon disappeared. Could you help please? By the way great theme! Thanks

    • Hi @jansimicek:disqus,
      sorry for late response, I’m looking into issue.

      • JanSimicek

        Thank you for help, after updating theme all works as it should.

  • Daniel

    Hey there ans thank you for a great theme.

    I am trying to get the portfolio to only show posts with a certain category.

    I figured i should change some parameters in the project-list.php under the $pine_args arrays but i can seem to get it to work. Either it shows all posts or none. Does it have anything to do with the content-portfolio-list template?


  • Rafael Rybczynski

    Hi. Thanks for really great theme. There is one issue that I am having and that is with the footer and social buttons. After I added my links all the buttons disappeared? Is there a glitch in the code, or what do you recommend to fix this matter. Thanks!
    Ps. I can see below that others had this very same problem, but not really find any right clue for it?

  • John

    Hello Ante–I’m very interested in using this theme. However, is there a simple way to turn off the “fog effect” when scrolling? I think it’s what you call the “slide in effect?” Thank you very much–this is the best looking of the many themes I’ve looked at!

  • Call_Me_Mister

    HI! Thanks for the theme. Just a heads up that your child theme breaks the customize tool (WP 4.7). It won’t save any of the adjustments. I’m gonna activate the parent theme in the mean-time. Thanks again!!

  • Benjamin Paveley

    Hi! I’ve tried using this theme as it seems to be just what I am looking for however I have run in to a few problems… I realise this may not be the place to post this issue so if it’s not relevant, any help pointing me in the right direction to ask elsewhere would help greatly!

    I’m using your theme combined with jetpacks portfolio features to try and display my podcasts, Using your theme looks great to frame each episode I release in the portfolio and the filtering options are extremely useful too. I am releasing audiobooks as chapters so along my filter tabs at the top I have my book titles and then each episode/ chapter I release I can sort under these categories. So under all episodes I have every chapter displayed and when clicking on each tab (book title) it will display just the relevant chapters I have released. However there doesn’t seem to be any way to link the portfolio to blog posts so for example on my home page I am trying to display the image of each book I release and when I click on for example ‘The Jungle Book’ I want it to take you to all the Jungle Book episodes however the portfolio only seems to allow you to click through to one single ‘portfolio post’ and not set a link to a separate page or collection. Is there anyway around this? As the portfolio looks far better than a collection of blog posts and has the added functionality of filtering.

    Apologies again if this isn’t the appropriate place to be asking the question!

  • Samuel Bravo Silva

    Hi ante Thanks for the theme. Is there a way to separate rows and columns creating a margin or separation between images. Thanks!

  • Vincent Pacheco

    Hi, Ive uploaded my logo on the customizer, but it isnt appearing in the upper left hand corner of the website. Is it possible to have a logo/graphic (non text) appear in the upper left hand corner?

  • Vincent Pacheco

    Hi, is it possible to have a logo/graphic appear in the upper left hand corner of the website, instead of just text?

  • Cane

    Hi! Thanks for the great theme!
    I want to know how can I remove the sidebar from the single-project but still have it in the blog and single-post?

  • Lucie Zendlova

    Hello, please, how can I set portfolio page to be in grid as you have in demo? I can reach this: I have installed jetpack module and activate Custom content types/portfolios, Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic and also Speed up images and photos, but I can´t see portfolio in a grid. Thank you for help