Slicejack at Berlin CSSconf EU 2017

Few days ago we’ve visited CSSconf EU 2017 in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. 🇩🇪
Read on to find out what we think about Berlin and what we’ve learned at the conference.

City of Berlin

We are very thrilled when we talk about Berlin. City is vibrant, public transport is very well organized and it has everything one metropolis should have.

The incredible variety of cafes and restaurants is what makes Berlin stand out in the masses of cities of similar size. And the most important thing, people are open and very kind.


CSSconf EU is a not-for-profit community conference run by a team of volunteers. This was the largest CSSconf EU ever with top international speakers, interesting talks and great community area. The conference was held in Berlin’s Arena Halle and venue was huuuge!

Organisers did an amazing job! Talks were on time, atmosphere was great and there was plenty of quality food for everyone.


This year we had an opportunity to learn a lot from top-notch engineers, web designers and world-class speakers. All the talks were interesting and worth listening but I’ll mention just few of them.

Ivana McConnell

Firstly, @ivanamcconnell talked about “CSS and the hierarchy problem: What makes a CSS developer?”.  The definition of our profession is still unclear, and the stigma of “CSS is not REAL development” remains. Ivana dissected how power dynamics and implicit hierarchies threaten to devalue the work we do, and how that hurts us both individually and as a community.

Patrick Hamann

@patrickhamann showed us how we can improve CSS performance on existing and new projects. He talked about first meaningful paint, measuring performance, preload settings and server push. I’ve learned a lot from this talk and you should watch the replay when it comes out on YouTube.

Rachel Andrew

@rachelandrew is an invited expert to the CSS working group. Her talk illustrated the standards process by which new CSS features come to fruition, traced how CSS came to be where it is today, and in the end, gave us an insight into how we can help shape CSS in the future.

Guil Hernandez

Guil Hernandez does a wonderful job of teaching CSS over at Treehouse, and it was amazing experience to see him live on stage. He talked about the future of CSS and gave us a lot of examples of CSS variables, compositing and blending, CSS shapes and clip paths. We will use this features very soon, you definitely want to learn some of them!

Una Kravets

And the last speaker was Una Kravets. She build pure CSS game, live on stage! Una used SASS data structures, SASS functions, pointer events and pixel art to build simple but interactive game. It was interesting to see how she structured and built everything from scratch step by step. You can try the game on CodePen.

Thanks Berlin for amazing time and great conference! I hope we’ll meet again 😃

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