Slicejack Monthly News, Resources and Freebies – September 2016.

To keep you up-to-date with the latest web development news, we have prepared a list of most interesting and relevant tutorials and articles from around the web for the month of September. Enjoy!

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Changing display order with CSS direction property

It got me thinking about one of our recent projects here at Slicejack, where we faced a small element display order issue. In the next few lines of text, I will show you how we ended up solving it by using the CSS “direction” property.


The New System Font Stack?

A few months ago, I wrote about how you can use system fonts in the browser using the built-in keywords that work with the font shorthand property (see Using System Fonts in the Browser). These keywords can be useful, but they also have some drawbacks, the main one being that they only work with the shorthand font property. This means that we cannot use it in a list of font families with fallbacks or as a fallback itself.

Bootstrap 4 Alpha 4

Alpha 4 is here to address those pesky build and package errors, a few CSS bugs, and some documentation inconsistencies we introduced in our last release.

Jetpack 4.3 Released, Features New React.js-Powered Admin Interface

Jetpack 4.3 was released today with a new admin interface that has been completely rewritten in React.js. The Jetpack team has been working on the redesign for a year and received feedback from more than 8,000 Jetpack users before the official release.

WordPress 4.7 to Ship with New Twenty Seventeen Default Theme

WordPress lead developer and 4.7 release lead Helen Hou-Sandí unveiled the design for the Twenty Seventeen default theme today and confirmed that it will be part of the upcoming release. Mel Choyce, a core contributor and design engineer at Automattic, is credited with the design of the new theme, which falls into the business or product showcase category.

Email finally wakes up to responsive design

Email is far older than the web; introduced in 1972, anyone who’s ever tried designing for email can be forgiven for assuming that it hasn’t had an update since. It’s still routine for layout in email to be controlled with HTML tables, mention flexbox support to an email designer and watch them roll around laughing.

Designers Guide to Web Performance Optimization

Performance is one of the biggest issues we face on The Web today. As the weight of the average page continues to rise, discussion around performance on most web teams quickly descends into the realm of development optimization. The reality is that performant web experiences begin with treating performance as an essential design feature. In this article, we’ll be looking specifically at ways that designers can help to champion and prioritize performance.

Building Resizeable Components with Relative CSS Units

The following is a guest post by Ahmad Shadeed. Ahmad has put together a ton of examples to show off how using relative units can benefit us. I think a lot of us think of units like em as being for font-size, which it is, but can also be for lots of other things, tying together typographic sizing and other visual elements.

Inspiration for Navigation Indicators

Today we’d like to share some style inspiration with you. The topic of this inspirational collection is navigation indicators. Pages, slideshows and other components often need some kind of navigation that tells the user where he is currently. In this collection we want to explore a couple of subtle designs that make navigating fun and interesting. The example that we are using is a vertical slideshow but the styles can be envisioned and adjusted for many other components.

Responsive Images In WordPress With Art Direction

Support for responsive images was added to WordPress core in version 4.4 to address the use case for viewport-based image selection, where the browser requests the image size that best fits the layout for its particular viewport.

10 golden rules for responsive SVGs

Want to create SVGs that scale to all devices? Here are the things you’ll need to remember.

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