3rd WordPress Meetup Split Summary

In the office, we always feel a sense of pride when we put on an event. The same goes for a recent get together we successfully organized in Split – the 3rd WordPress Meetup. The main objective of the WordPress Meetup is simple. Essentially it’s to bring together and unite the existing community of WordPress users and to promote trending WordPress tools. At the same time it’s also to educate users on how to effectively use WordPress tool to full effect.

We attracted a crowd of about 30 attendees who came to talk “WordPress” at the venue for our WordPress meetup – the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB).

To kick off the event, the very first speaker was Nedim Sabic who shared his knowledge on landing pages. His talk was entitled ‘The perfect landing page for products’. Nedim is in fact an SEO Affiliate Expert who really gave a strong talk that everyone appreciated. It was a great pleasure to listen to his insights. He shared a bunch of valuable interesting tips & tricks based on how to create the perfect landing page.

The second speaker to present was Alen Vuletic who talked about ‘Woocommerce’. This was actually Alen’s very first presentation. He talked about WooCommerce in general, how to use it and how to functionally setup a woocommerce shop.

We’d like to say this was a rare WordPress meetup where the serotonin increased before and after the event. Wondering how? We gamified the beginning of the meetup with something a little different. We shared T-shirts and every meetup attendee that registered for the event was one of the potential winners. We then headed on towards a local restaurant for a pizza and beer after the event. Most of the meetup attendees continued to hang out long after the official part of the meetup was finished.

Check out a few photos from the event:

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