Karta, free responsive WordPress travel theme

We are glad to present you with a new and free WordPress theme. Karta is a beautifully designed WordPress theme for those who want to share their travel experiences in modern and creative way.  Share lessons travelling taught you and inspire others showcasing your favourite journeys, photos, tips and tricks. You can check out demo version at http://demo.slicejack.com/#karta and you can find it at https://github.com/themejack/karta.

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Tips for using background videos on the web

Background videos are pretty popular on the web today (and have been for a few years). Here at Slicejack we can witness that popularity on a daily basis, since our “Creating a Fullscreen HTML5 Video Background With CSS” post is the most read blog post on a daily basis.
Video isn’t going away anytime soon, in fact, its popularity will only increase in the years to come as internet connections get faster and video codecs get better.

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Slicejack Email Boilerplate – Perfect email template

If you’ve ever experienced email template development then you know what I’m talking about when I say how painful it can be! It’s HARD to build the perfect email template that works on all email clients.

Due to the smartphone and tablet revolution over the last few years we have a big demand for responsive email templates that should scale perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile email clients. To make it life easier to develop responsive and lightweight email templates – we’ve created the Slicejack Email Boilerplate.

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Free responsive email template – Briar

We’re excited to share our brand new freebie with you. We’re presenting this free responsive email template inspired by our free WordPress theme – Briar. With a simple and clean design you can use this template to send stunning beautiful newsletters.

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Fiera, free responsive WordPress theme for events

🎉 ta-da(/təˈdɑː/). We are glad to present our third free responsive WordPress theme. Fiera is a free WordPress theme created exclusively for events (conferences, music and film festivals, parties, congresses etc.). Something we’re sure you can put to good use! Just like for our past themes we have a demo at http://demo.slicejack.com/#fiera and GitHub repository at https://github.com/themejack/fiera.

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Fullpage.js fade effect

If you haven’t already heard of fullpage.js, it’s a simple and easy-to-use plugin that allows you to create stunning fullscreen scrolling websites. Check out some of them here.

I used it in one of our recent projects, here at Slicejack, and was faced with a challenge when the client requested “fade” instead of the “slide” effect.

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Speaking at WordPress Boston Meetup

Last summer we successfully sponsored and became a part of WordCamp Boston. Since then we’ve continued to build bridges and collaborate with the Boston WordPress Developers community and speaking a the WordPress Boston Meetup in January.

To watch us at the Boston WordPress meetup pop on over to the video recently published on the WP Boston YouTube channel. The topic of the talk was Tips for Properly Scaling Your Dev Team .

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Introduction to PostCSS with Gulp

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard about PostCSS. To say its “popular” would be quite an understatement. Since its introduction in the late 2013, a large number of developers have adopted it into their workflow, including those from industry leading companies such as Google, Twitter, and Shopify, to name a few.

So what exactly is PostCSS?

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How to Create a Fully Custom WordPress Mega Menu – No Plugins Attached

The mega menu concept has been with us for a while now. With each passing day more and more sites are trying to utilize this function in various ways in order to serve us as much information as possible through, what appears to be, a simple “dropdown” menu. When using WordPress, both clients and developers often end up using some sort of plugin to implement this function. Guess what? We’ll show you how you can implement a custom WordPress mega menu with just a few lines of code and zero plugins.

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How to use the CSS calc() function

Not sure what the CSS calc() function is all about? Well – read on because you’re about to learn something new.

CSS calc() is a function used for simple calculations to determine CSS property values right in CSS. The calc() function allows mathematical expressions with addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/) to be used as component values.

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