Croatia WordPress events in May

Last month we had the pleasure of attending two Croatia WordPress events.

The first event was organized in association with Slicejack right here in Split. This was in fact the first Croatia WordPress event of its kind. Toni Trivković was the first speaker and shared insight on the whole idea about Croatia WordPress meetups in Split. Before the whole presentation he rolled the wheel of fortune for a few times in order to select a few lucky winners of ‘WordPress Split’ T-Shirt. We were also given a promise that there will be some kind of reward given to lucky attendees each time in order to gamify the whole meetup as much as possible.

Right after Toni, Goran Šerić gave a short introduction presentation related to WordPress about when to use it and why he spent the last 4 years using WordPress to accomplish all of the client’s needs. The whole meetup went really well thanks to our great speakers and a great audience of about 30 attendees. After the meetup we went to a local restaurant to eat some pizza and drink some beer. The next Croatia WordPress meetup in Split will be held this June just before the summer break.

Right after the meetup we went to a local restaurant to eat some pizza and drink some beer. The next meetup will be held this June just before the summer break (until September).


The second event was organized by ‘WordPress Croatia’ in our capital city Zagreb where Ivan Brezak Brkan, Igor Svehla, Dario Runtić and Marko Rakar held 4 separate presentations describing how they use WordPress in their daily lives and how WordPress has helped them to accomplish their goals. Regardless of fact that they weren’t listed in the meetup agenda, our clients from Boston were asked to open this meetup with their own presentation in which they described how we built an entire intranet network using WordPress. After the presentations ended we went to the local bar to grab some drinks in order to meet some new and interesting people who also attended that same meetup.


These groups and meetups are here to build awareness of WordPress philosophy and show why WordPress is important for the present and the future of the web. Also they are here to build the network of people in order to enable them to share experiences and ask questions. They are here to build a better web. If you want to know more about the ‘WordPress Split’ meetups, click here and if you want to learn more about “WordPress Croatia” click here. We would really like to hear from you!

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