Overview: 2nd WordPress Meetup Split

Once we noticed the success of the first WordPress Meetup Split we knew we had to do it again. And so we once again pulled off another WordPress Meetup in Split. This one was just as much fun as the first!. In terms of the venue, the second WordPress meetup was held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB).

We managed to attract quite a good crowd as more than 30 WordPress enthusiasts from the area. Every one of them gathered together to grab there valuable “dose” of everything WordPress. These kind of meetups really give the community a chance to share their experiences and learn something worthwhile. It’s even a chance to make a few new friends along the way. Just like the first WordPress meetup in Split, this event kicked off with a few welcoming words from the organizer. It was then time for the freebies! A small t-shirt giveaway. What better way to start a WordPress meetup!

The first presentation was held by Domagoj Gojak. He shared his insight through a talk based on “Using Vagrant for Local WordPress Development”. During the presentation Domagoj gave his arguments on why you should consider virtualizing your development environment and why you should use Vagrant to do it. This turned out to be an interesting session for all.

Straight after, Ante Primorac held a presentation about WordPress Cuztom Helper and why you should you use this in order to create custom post types, taxnomonies, meta boxes etc. It’s worth mentioning that Ante is a core contributor on the WordPress Cuztom Helper project.

To finish off Emanuel Blagonić held a short presentation about WordCamp Sofia and the ever growing WordPress community in Croatia.

After the presentations our short but sweet networking event continued in a nearby pub where we drank beer, ate pizza and continued to share our own WordPress and non-WordPress experiences.

Below you can see a few photos from the meetup:








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