my Internship experience at Slicejack

Here’s the story I’d like to share with you about my internship experience with Slicejack. It was about two years ago when I started to show a strong interest in all things “web”, web development and WordPress. I recently completed my high school education in graphics, design and sustainable construction (web design based). During this time I can honestly say I really managed to gain vast experience with HTML / CSS / PHP / Javascript / WordPress technologies.

I met the Slicejack team about 6 months ago and ever since my experience has been rapidly growing. Before meeting the team I literally assumed that I shouldn’t take web development too seriously. I simply thought it’s a sector that’s hard to break into due to the freelance competition which is very strong on a global level. Toni Trivković had a look at my projects that I had been working on. He then offered me a summer internship experience position. It was perfect timing as I was available due to the summer school holidays.

This internship experience meant a lot to me since up until then I had only worked on local ‘fictitious’ projects that weren’t published online. My goal was to work on something more serious. To work on projects for real clients, or something that would hold real value. Through the internship experience, Toni helped me to achieve these goals from the very first day I joined the Slicejack family.

From the beginning I had to educate myself a bit further to reach a slightly higher level of programming, moving up a level from creating websites to higher level programming. The beginning is always the hardest, but with the right tools and people, such as the support given to me by the Slicejack team, I quickly picked up the key foundations needed for my future career. I have to give a special thank you to my colleagues Ante Primorac, Luka Čavka and Domagoj Gojak. They had to put up with me along with millions of my questions – so thank you guys one more time!

After a few weeks I started working on my first project with my colleague Šime Radman. It was very hard at the start because we came up against certain issues for the first time in our web development career. Issue that we had no idea how to solve. Luckily my Slicejack colleagues and Google helped us finish our first project very successfully. Following this project everything suddenly became easier to deal with. After 3-4 months we managed to complete five projects. Our clients were happy, along with Toni. My colleague Šime and I were feeling extremely proud.

To wrap up I can only say words of praise for Toni and the Slicejack team for giving me great knowledge, tools and investing so much into the foundations of my career. If this opportunity hadn’t been given to me I probably wouldn’t have been able to continue with developing my web development skills and my life could have taken a very different path. In the meantime I’ve graduated from high school and have become a Web designer. In addition to that, I have enrolled in college (division of information technology). I’m really looking forward to the future and I plan to continue on building upon the knowledge I gained this summer with the Slicejack team.

About Alen Vuletic

Front-end developer from Split, Croatia. I love sports, nature and apple devices.